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Welcome to EatingDisorderJobs.com, where great careers are made! We are the only site dedicated to careers in the eating disorders field, and our goal is to inspire the future leaders of our field.

For those of you new to the field or still in school, welcome and thank you for your interest in this important and growing facet of healthcare. Only 1 in 10 individuals with eating disorders gets treatment, so as we increase that number with awareness campaigns, more and more of you will be needed in every type of role. Visit our Advice From the Experts page  to read about stars in the field and their suggestions to you as you prepare for your career. And register today so that employers can find you and we can alert you to job postings and updates.

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Employers: we are thrilled that you have found our site! We want to be the first place you turn and the last place you need when you have an opening to fill. From marketing to clinical staff to administrative jobs, if it’s related to eating disorders, you’re in the right place. Click here to get started posting a job. Don’t have any open positions at the moment? Click here to register as an employer so that we can stay in touch and click here to find out about sponsorship and advertising.

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