Laurie Glass

Laurie Glass, LPPC

Online Christian Counselor in private practice at Freedom from Eating Disorders, LLC

Author of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders

How did you get involved in the eating disorder field?

I was anorexic for six years in my 30′s and recovered in 2003. Since I recovered I’ve been passionate about reaching out to those with eating disorders with the message of hope for recovery. I first created a website, Freedom from Eating Disorders ( Next I published my book, Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders. Then I began offering counseling. So it was a process.

I have a Masters degree in Christian Counseling and a Pastoral Counselor license. I provide online Christian counseling for adult women with eating disorders. When I was anorexic, I couldn’t find help in my area. By offering my services online, I can help women who are facing the same challenge, particularly those who are also looking for faith-based help.

What advice can you offer to someone interested in the field?

Remember to take care of yourself. When you have your own needs met, you can be at your best to help others, and you can also pass on things you’ve learned to your clients.


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