Rebecca Bitzer

Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD
Owner of Rebecca Bitzer and Associates

How did you get started in your career? 
I have always been drawn health/fitness/medicine and I wanted to help people so this seemed like a natural fit for me. Once I started my practice, I learned that I had a natural gift as a counselor which made it an even better fit for me as a nutrition counselor working with clients with eating disorders. Over time, I hired other dietitians and realized that it was essential for me to develop strong business skills. Subsequently, I have learned that many Registered Dietitians are in need of such skills, so I help others who want to start and/or expand their own practices. I love to inspire and empower professionals to think big and dream big. Recently, with my help, one of my former employees opened up her own nutrition counseling practice and she is about to hire her second employee.

What advice would you give to someone new to the field? 
Learn and practice extraordinary self-care, meaning eat well, exercise well, get adequate rest and most importantly push yourself out of your comfort zone every day. Pushing yourself to grow personally and professionally will help you counsel your clients better and also make your counseling much more authentic, powerful and inspirational.

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