Katy Alaniz

Katy Alaniz MA, LPC


  1. What is your current position?

I spent 5 years working with eating disorders (and all co-occurring disorders) at Center for Discovery, and then 1.5 years at Youth & Family Counseling, working with sexuality issues, first offenders, adolescents, self-harm, depression, school problems, family issues, gender identity, LGBTQ+, and couples. Now, I do telehealth in private practice, while also maintaining a full-time position with Center for Discovery, where I advocate with insurance companies to ensure that clients receiving eating disorder treatment in Texas are getting services authorized by their insurance plans. I see my private practice clients, on evenings and weekends. I also work with Dr. Stephanie Waitt of Texoma Specialty Counseling on a weekly basis, and see eating disorder clients and lead online ED support groups for that practice! I am certified in TF-CBT (trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy), and practice often out of that mode of therapy. I also lean heavily on feminist theory, the enneagram, and reality theory, although I change things up to fit each client that I’m working with.


2. How did you get started in your career?

When I was quite young, I saw the flaws in mine and my friends’ families. Don’t get me wrong; I love the hell outta my family. No way I would’ve ended up where I am without them propping me up constantly. However, I remember distinctly thinking after sleepovers with friends (and while living in my own house) thinking “adults seem so unhappy, and they don’t talk to each other the right way. I don’t get why anyone gets married, cause that seems miserable”. From a young age, I could feel tension when I walked into rooms, and I think I was sick to my stomach throughout my whole childhood because of it. It wasn’t until I was in the 6th grade, that a peer told me that my idea of, “telling grownups what to do so that they’re happier” was actually a real job; something she called “a shrink”. Mind. Blown. I had never heard of a therapist or counselor or treatment or psych meds before. I asked my mom to buy me a copy of ‘Psychology for Dummies’ immediately, and I’ve been studying human behavior and psychology ever since. I never once deviated from my plan to become a mental health therapist. 21 years later, here I am 🙂


3. What advice would you give to someone new to the field?

My advice to someone entering this field is 3-fold! (1) Niche, niche, niche! Don’t market yourself as being all things to all people, because you’re not. None of us are. Figure out what your ideal client is, and go after that population! (2) Get yourself to trainings/CEUs; especially if you’re interested in working with eating disorders, become a member of iaedp immediately and attend as many chapter meetings as you can. One of my professors once told me that, “If you ever wake up feeling like you know everything there is to know about your counseling niche, it’s time for you to quit the business”. There is always a different viewpoint in the eating disorder world, and you need to absorb all of them, in my opinion. (3) Self-Care. Working with clients that have body image and food issues is inevitably going to lead some self-discovery about how you’ve been impacted by diet culture over your own life. I lasted 7 months in the field before getting my own treatment team on board to support me. I know it sounds cliche, but you CANNOT pour from an empty cup. Get you a therapist, dietitian, PCP, psychiatrist, massage therapist; just whoever is needed to aid in taking care of you, because honey, you’re gonna need it.

Beverly Price

Beverly Price, RDN, MA, CEDRD-S, E-RYT, C-IAYT

  • What is your current position?

I am a certified eating disorder registered dietitian (iaedp and supervisor: CEDRD-S) at Joel Young, MD’s Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine (RCBM) in Rochester Hills, Michigan (metro Detroit area). I work with individuals that have eating disorders. I am also the HIPAA privacy officer and am involved with some of the marketing aspects. 

RCBM employees 12 prescribers, 30 therapists, and has a clinical trials group, along with a psychological testing department. 

In addition, I am a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) credentialed by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and have been running the Mindfulness-Based Yoga Therapy Training Retreats and workshops in Eating Disorders for Professionals since 2010. My program is also an affiliate of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT).

I am the former owner and operator of the Inner Door Center, comprehensive eating disorders treatment center (partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient programs) in Royal Oak, Michigan. I sold this business to a private group and left the Inner Door Center shortly after the acquisition. Unfortunately, the center closed one year later under new staff and management.

I owned and operated a private practice prior to this, which I sold to an RD and then traveled around the country conducting CEU workshops for RDs interested in starting or expanding a private practice. I sold companion CEU manuals as well. I still sell my private practice manual to RDs but it is mainly used in university dietetic curriculums. 

  • How did you get started in your career?

I swam competitively in high school and became interested in nutrition for sport performance. My father helped me research the field, introducing me to practicing RDs found through his connections, and supported my path through Michigan State University, my dietetic internship at Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Harper Hospital, and my Master of Arts degree in Education program at Wayne State University, Detroit. My father was my biggest cheerleader. It was always my goal to eventually start my own private practice.

Although I did not exactly wind up solely in sports nutrition, my first solid job (after one year of entry jobs at hospitals) was in a cardiovascular rehabilitation, wellness and research program at Sinai Hospital Detroit hospital (now part of DMC). At the time, this was my dream job and it was very autonomous as if in my own business. 

My boss encouraged all staff to continually better themselves and supported my path to a private practice- at first, run out of various Sinai physician offices and my current department, and then to my own office. 

As I began to acquire more patients with eating disorders, I realized I needed more training in this area and took several workshops, trainings, intensives, etc.

When I sold my private practice, I immersed myself in yoga and completed a 200 hour (RYT). During this training, a special project was required. My project was yoga and eating disorders, where I realized that yoga was the missing link to my work in eating disorders treatment.

A few years later, I returned to private practice -strictly in eating disorders—and incorporated yoga and support groups for those struggling. Eventually, this morphed into intensives followed by a full blown eating disorders treatment center: yoga-based I must add, paving the way for other eating disorders treatment centers around the country to start incorporating yoga. I eventually became a yoga therapist and started my trainings in yoga therapy in eating disorders for professionals.

  • What advice would you give to someone new to the field?

I am so impressed with today’s new dietitians. They are tech oriented and have started respective, creative businesses incorporating technology. They are also focused on sustainable food and exude this philosophy in their teachings. They are also very insurance savvy. 

My advice would be, keep doing what you are doing- you are elevating our profession!

Many RDs are, or are becoming, yoga teachers, with the interest in incorporating yoga into their work in order to take yoga to a therapeutic level. Yoga therapy is much different than yoga teacher. The majority of my yoga therapy workshop attendees are RDs. My co-presenters are a licensed mental health counselor, CEDS-S (iaedp) and yoga teacher/eating disorder recovery coach. Future trainings are online based with introductory and advanced trainings. My co-presenters are a licensed mental health counselor, CEDS-S (iaedp) and yoga teacher/eating disorder recovery coach. Future trainings are online based with introductory and advanced trainings.

Although I loved running my own counseling business, I do like my current job at RCBM where I can do my job, focus solely on my patients, and then leave it at the end of the day. My advice here is allow yourself to create space for yourself. 

My career has been extremely rewarding and am looking forward to traveling parts of the world, that I have never seen, and of course experiencing the cultural cuisines! 

Shannon Cutts

Shannon Cutts

Freelance writer, recovery mentor, pet blogger.



How did you get started in your career? 

When I was struggling to recover from anorexia and bulimia, very few options for professional treatment existed. My parents’ insurance didn’t even have a coverage category for eating issues! So I had to wing it. Happily, once I decided to heal, I discovered I was just as good at getting better as I had been at staying sick. When I finally did start to consistently feel better from day to day, I went right back to my first love – writing songs and performing music.

It didn’t occur to me to share my recovery story. I didn’t know anyone else who had an eating disorder. The work I did in the eating disorder field really found me – it all started when a young woman contacted me after one of my music concerts and asked if I would sing and speak at her treatment center. From there, I began corresponding with some of the women I had met at the center. And somehow I ended up founding MentorCONNECT several years later and we provided mentors for recovering people worldwide for eight years.

Today the work I do is a bit different. I am a freelance writer and author and I love it. And this work found me just as mysteriously as my previous work did – I woke up one day and realized – wow, I am a full-time writer! It is a dream come true and a perfect fit for me. And it uses all my talents and skills and experiences – I am able to offer what I have to give to this world in a different but still very valuable way.

What advice would you give to someone new to the field? 

Follow your passion and your interests and bloom where you are planted. Again, I didn’t go looking for the work I do today. It found me. I hope that is some reassurance for anyone reading this who doesn’t know what they want to do or doesn’t think they can ever do what they want to do!

My best advice is this: just wake up each day and take the next right step…whatever it is. Along the way, become your own best friend. Just get to know yourself – your likes, your strengths, your preferences – really, really well. Because whatever you are going to contribute, it is something only you can offer and something you are uniquely qualified to do – and not just by your credentials but by your life experience. Your work is reserved for you alone, and whatever it is, I can promise you this world needs it and it needs YOU.

Robyn L. Goldberg

Robyn L. Goldberg, RDN, CEDRD-S

Robyn L. Goldberg, RDN, Inc.

The Eating Disorder Trap: A Guide for Clinicians and Loved Ones
  1. What is your current position?

I am the owner of my private practice: Robyn L. Goldberg, RDN, Inc. I started my private practice in Beverly Hills 23 years ago. I see clients virtually and in person specializing in medical conditions, disordered eating, eating disorders, Health at Every Size®, pre-pregnancy nutrition, and people in recovery. I see kids, tweens, teens and adults in my practice. I am a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian and Supervisor from IAEDP, and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I am the author of the NEW book  “The Eating Disorder Trap: A Guide for Clinicians and Loved Ones”.

  1. How did you get started in your career?

I started my career at Cedars Sinai Medical Center as the Cardiac Dietitian for five years and also for the last eight years, I was the nutrition counselor for an outpatient eating disorder program in Los Angeles and led eating disorder and body image groups at various sober living facilities in Los Angeles.

  1. What advice would you give to someone new to the field ?

Be open minded to all job opportunities and never say no to any job opportunity as you never know that you may end up liking another area of dietetics and develop a specialty. This can result in also becoming more well rounded in the field. I am so thankful that I was a clinical dietitian as it has helped me see many other types of clients in my practice, write a book that includes a significant amount of medical understanding and be used as an expert by other clinicians and media outlets.

Dawn Delgado

Dawn Delgado, LMFT, CEDS-S, EMDR-Certified

  • EMDRIA Consultant In Training (CIT)
  • Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Supervisor

  • What is your current position? 

I am the Founder of Inspire Evolve in Los Angeles, and I am also Director of Clinical Development with Center For Discovery. 

  • How did you get started in your career? 

I started with a degree in Psychology and lots of volunteer and internship experience to decide on a specialty.  Before specializing in eating disorders and trauma treatment, I gained experience within domestic violence, child development and advocacy, suicide prevention, and with a sexual offender population.  I even did LAPD ride alongs as a DART domestic abuse response team advocate, but that was too terrifying for me.  I applied for an entry level position in an eating disorder residential treatment center in SoCal in 2002 and have worked within this specialty for the last 18 years, more recently focusing on underlying trauma as an EMDR Certified Therapist.  I have completed courses in Trauma Informed Yoga with Collective Resilience as well as hold a Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies CTSS through PESI. 

  • What advice would you give to someone new to the field? 

My advice is to commit to doing your own work, both before you enter the field, and definitely while you are working in the field.  It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and will make you a more compassionate and effective therapist.  

Dawn Delgado, LMFT, CEDS-S founded Inspire Evolve Counseling in 2007 as a hub for compassionate and effective psychotherapy. Dawn is a fun, personable, and effective psychotherapist who specializes in optimal performance, recovery and mind-body wellness. Dawn’s approach integrates evidence-based, eye movement desensitization reprocessing, EMDR, as well as neuroscience based stress reduction technologies. Dawn offers psychotherapy and customized therapeutic retreats for clients in California, as well as assessments and virtual therapy (telemedicine) in Oregon, and Texas. Dawn works virtually and in person with clients in the music industry, high level executives, trauma survivors, war veterans and clients in eating disorder recovery.

Travel lights up my soul, as does volunteering around the globe in beautiful lands such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and South America, Middle East, and the streets of Los Angeles.

Hannah Turnbull

Hannah Turnbull RDN

Link to website: Nourished Colorado

Link to Course: Nourish-Your-Knowledge.Teachable.com

At Home Study Course- 3.5 CEU’s for RD’s:
I run an online course and coaching group with Mckenzie Caldwell at Feed Your Zest called “Nourish Your Knowledge”, which is space for dietitians and students, who are new to health at every size and intuitive eating, to explore the basics of the concepts and how to apply them to all areas of dietetics. It’s a hybrid course where participants can opt into group coaching calls and ask questions, debrief about the course content, and connect with like-minded peers and RD’s in a safe space. It’s a wonderful way to set the stage for supervision being a norm in our profession 🙂

  1. What is your current position?

I am the owner of a group private practice, Nourished Colorado, located in Denver, CO. I am fiercely passionate about food and body freedom and work with clients who struggle with eating disorders, disordered eating, and chronic dieting from a health at every size and intuitive eating lens. I feel incredibly honored to get to do this work and to hold space for others around a meaningful, impactful piece of life that touches every single human-food.

2. How did you get started in your career?

I started as a clinical dietitian at a Level 1 trauma center and floated around to all the areas. This was a fairly easy job to get out of school as I had worked as a diet technician for this hospital during my schooling. My position was PRN and quickly turned into full time. I knew it wasn’t ultimately what I wanted to do, but whatever position I’m in, I’m always happy to learn about people’s stories with food and hold space for them. My favorite roles at the hospital were covering outpatient diabetes and outpatient oncology. I thrive more in the role as the nutrition counselor which I got to practice in the outpatient setting vs being in the inpatient clinician role. When I was working inpatient clinical as a dietitian, I did find myself getting all my patients visited as quickly as I could so I could hurry home and work on my private practice website and blog. 

3. What advice would you give to someone new to the field?

My advice for anyone new in the field is to be a sponge, and be a student for life. Immerse yourself in as much information as you can- podcasts, mentorship, books, peers doing the same work as you. Be open and vulnerable to all the things you don’t know, and that you can only learn by listening to your clients’ experiences and by those who have been in the field longer than you. At the same time, stay rooted in your own internal wisdom and intuition. Don’t be afraid to say I don’t know, and find out later. 

If there are any specifics you would like to include, such as credentials, a photo, publications (link to your book and book cover photos), workshops, at home study courses, CE events, or link to your website, please let me know.

Hannah Turnbull, RDN

Bio: Hannah Turnbull, RDN is a registered dietitian and owner of Nourished Colorado a group practice based in Denver, Colorado that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating from a health at every size and intuitive eating lens. Her mission is to empower people to unlearn the rules society has taught us about food, dieting and bodies by practicing self care and self compassion. Her practice helps clients establish flexible, mindful eating habits and sustainable self care practices so they can begin to live their most nourished lives.

Hannah attended University of Missouri-Columbia for her BS in Medical Dietetics with a dual emphasis in Nutrition and Fitness. She is currently pursuing the Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) Certification and is a board member of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP), Denver chapter. She is a sought out for talks and presentations on eating disorders, intuitive eating, and weight inclusive topics, and has been featured in publications such as US news and Today’s dietitian.