Jennifer Burnell

Jenn Burnell MS, RDN/LDN CEDRD-S

Program Manager – Carolina House

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Instagram: @CEDRDnutrition

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What is your current position?

My current role is that of Program Manager at Carolina House eating disorder treatment program.  As Program Manager, I am responsible for developing and maintaining the clinical and administrative operations of Carolina House, so that we continue to provide the highest quality care and best possible outcomes for our patients.  In general, I work with our staff to help make sure they are complying with our quality standards, and help in providing the training and support they need.  I am also the supervisor for our team of four registered dietitians, who help provide nutrition therapy in our three facilities.  My most recent role prior to Program Manager was as Carolina House’s Director of Clinical Outreach, where I provided educational and referral resources for professionals in the community.

I also own CEDRD Nutrition, which provides eating disorder supervision services for registered dietitians.

How did you get started in your career?

I got started in the eating disorders field somehow by a chain of opportunities, but hindsight it probably would have been where I ended up eventually.  I had worked in hospital-based wellness for the first five years of my career, and had an opportunity to provide the nutrition counseling coverage at the University of Georgia one semester… with the explicit caveat that I would not see clients with eating disorders.  The dietitian that did come in to assist their eating disorders team also worked at a local IOP, and when looking to find an RD to take her place, she had my name.  What started out as a great business opportunity and way to move into the work of private practice turned into a love of the therapeutic relationships and work that comes from being a nutrition therapist. 

What advice would you give to someone new to the field?

A piece of advice that I would give to new professionals coming into the field is build your network.  The eating disorders field has so many passionate and knowledgeable professionals who are so open to connecting and mentoring.  Get involved in any local or regional professional organizations, and attend as many educational or networking events as you can.  Nowadays even following and actively engaging with other eating disorder professionals on social media can be a great way to expand your circle.  Nearly all of my professional opportunities came through my networking connections, and these relationships are so important in so many aspects of what I do now… and the members of the eating disorder community are some amazing human beings to get to know!