Jessica Setnick- Director of Operations

I’ve been in the eating disorder field for 23+ years and have worked in, consulted and presented at every level of care throughout the country. I’ve seen changes over that time, but not nearly enough to overcome the
historical and systemic exclusion of almost anyone black, indigenous, of color, disabled, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, queer, questioning, fat, formerly incarcerated, neurodivergent, low-income, immigrant, non-English-speaking, or rural from positions of leadership in treatment, research and advocacy.

My career has been all about improving access to care. In the past I used my platform to change hearts and minds about who gets eating disorders. I didn’t realize that helping formerly excluded individuals get treatment isn’t the whole task – we also need to make sure that treatment matches their needs, addresses their experiences, and helps them feel represented, seen and heard.

My goal in re-launching after several years of dormancy is to create a tool that spreads the word about job opportunities beyond the small networks of people we already know. Rather than searching for every facility’s individual website, being gatekeepered by an organization’s members-only job listings, or finding a needle in a haystack on a monstrous unspecialized site, is intended to be easy to find, easy to use, and filled with inspiration.

My amazing team helps make more than just job listings. We interview people who work in the field in every capacity and from every walk of life, sharing their advice and photos to increase representation and welcome students and others who aspire to work in the field. We started a support group for individuals currently working in the field, and our e-book, The Guide to Your Career in Eating Disorders will soon be on its way to schools and internships nationwide.

The upside for employers is that the more diversity in your applicant pool, the more likely you are to find someone who brings something you don’t already have to your team. We use social media to spread job openings far beyond our own networks and send out messages to jobseekers who have signed up for alerts. We’ll also publicize your upcoming events on our calendar and include your staff in our advice collection – all for far less than you’d pay on a less-specialized site.

The best thing about is that we’re a small team, not burdened by red tape or bureaucracy. We adjust, adapt, and cook up new ideas daily. I communicate personally with jobseekers and employers and am easy to reach with any questions. My email is [email protected] and I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to make our field one that hopefully, someday, is no longer needed.