EIOP/AIOP Coordinator

at EDCare
Location Colorado Springs, Colorado
Date Posted October 16, 2020
Category coordinator
Job Type Full-time
Requirements 1. Licensed as LCSW, LP, LPC, LMT; Master’s degree, PhD, or PsyD in behavioral health field. 2. Experience working individually and in groups with eating disordered patients. 3. Clinical conceptualization of the treatment of eating disorders and dual diagnosis grounded in evidenced based treatment models. 4. Good oral and written communication skills. 5. Clinical leadership skills. 6. Treatment orientation that aligns with that of EDCare


Summary of Major Functions:

Provide and maintain structure for the Colorado Springs Intensive Outpatient Programs. Services include conducting orientation for all incoming patients and families, providing weekly supervision to staff and interns, consistently communicating with local colleges and universities regarding current and future interns, attending marketing events as frequently as possible on a weekly basis, facilitating weekly staffing meetings for both COS programs, providing outpatient services to individuals and families, managing program issues, being on-call for staff and interns, attending weekly admissions meetings, attending weekly manager’s meetings, facilitating consultation group for EDCare staff and providers in the community, training new staff and interns, completing weekly chart audits, reviewing, creating and editing group curriculum for both COS programs, ensuring both programs are adhering to Joint Commission requirements and expectations, conducts annual reviews for EDCare staff, completes peer to peer insurance reviews when there is one, and creating a therapeutic milieu. Serves as organizational leader for the center.

Clinical Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Demonstrates knowledge of and practice of effective counseling skills.

2. Facilitates program orientation with all incoming adult and adolescent patients and families. Orientation includes, but is not limited to, reviewing helpful information and program expectations allowing the admitting patient/family to feel comfortable on their first day of program.

3. Ensures staff coverage for all clinical aspects of the IOP program.

4. Ensures both programs are adequately staffed. Manages any staff concerns and/or issues.

5. Reviews all documentation in EMR on a weekly basis i.e. master treatment plan, weekly treatment plan updates, bio/psycho/social, mental status exam, weekly progress notes, group notes, no authorization progress notes, etc.

6. Oversees Primary Therapists to ensure they are completing their weekly responsibilities and duties.

7. Closely monitors and supervises interns working with both COS programs.

8. Thoroughly integrates new patients and families into the IOP program by demonstrating knowledge of all aspects of the clinical program.

9. Demonstrates ability to build therapeutic rapport with patients, families, staff, and interns.

10. Facilitates weekly, one-hour supervision meetings for all EDCare staff and interns.

11. Maintains and develops group curriculum for both COS programs.

12. Is present and available for IOP patient/family requests and needs; provides outreach to patients and families when necessary.

13. Is present and available for EDCare staff and intern requests and needs. Program Coordinator is able to be contacted by staff and interns at all times.

14. Conducts separate IOP weekly staffing for both Adolescent and Adult programs.

15. Maintains daily program structure for both COS programs developing quality measures and solutions for improvement.

16. Ongoing attention to discharge plans, created by Primary Therapists, evidenced by development of aftercare plan, transition sessions with OP provider and ensures patient’s knowledge of available resources.

17. Monitors client satisfaction surveys process through questionnaires and complies data.

18. Provides outpatient services to individuals and families. Completes all documentation and necessary paperwork associated with having an outpatient case load.

19. Completes peer to peer insurance reviews when an insurance company requires this or an appeal for a denial.

20. Facilitate consultation group meetings for EDCare staff, EDCare interns, and providers in the community.

21. Ensures staff coverage for all clinical aspects of the IOP programs.

22. Provides Outpatient services to individuals and families.

23. Will conduct peer to peer insurance reviews as necessary.


Administrative Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Timely completion and accuracy of paperwork related to Program Coordinator i.e. board meeting reports, staff time sheets, internship paperwork and reviews, annual reviews for staff, etc.

2. Effective and consistent communication to referral sources and collaborative providers.

3. Frequently and consistently attends marketing events/presentations.

4. Facilitates on boarding and training for new EDCare staff and interns.

5. Perform required employee evaluations in a timely fashion.

6. Ensures both programs are adhering to Joint Commission expectations and requirements.

7. Understands that management’s ultimate goal is profitability, clinical effectiveness and overall success of EDCare as a business.

8. Other job duties as assigned.

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