Juliet Zuercher

Juliet Zuercher, RD
Nutrition Educator with the Remuda Ranch Speakers Bureau

How did you get started in your career? 
Directly out of college, I applied to Remuda Ranch’s job posting in the back of the ADA journal. I started as a dietetic technician until I could take my registration exam; after passing, I picked up my own caseload as a staff dietitian and have been in patient care ever since. Over time I became the Nutrition Services Director at Remuda. Now I am the Nutrition Educator, travelling across the country presenting workshops to professionals on the treatment of eating disorders.

What advice would you give to someone new to the field? 
Read all that you can on eating disorders. A good place to start is the Gurze Books Catalog [link to www.bulimia.com] —this is ‘all things eating disorders’. Some of my favorite resources include: Intuitive Eating; Moving Away From Diets; Am I Hungry?; The Food and Feelings Workbook; Health At Every Size-The Surprising Truth About Your Weight; Eating Disorders: A Medical Guide to Care and Complications and Eating Disorders and The Recovery Process.

Find a seasoned colleague to coach and mentor your professional development. There is no substitute for wise supervision.

Self care is also very important in this emotionally taxing field. Maintain balance in life socially, mentally, physically and spiritually.