Reuby Staviss- Social Media Manager

Currently a graduate student at Boston University in Nutrition, I found Jessica and through University of North Florida’s mentorship program. I began working for Jessica in September 2020 as the Social Media Manager of My job at includes uploading new job postings, reaching out to experts in the field to have them featured on our “Advice from the Experts” page, creating social media graphics, and managing our social media accounts. When the mentorship ended in April, Jessica offered to keep me on board to continue managing the EDJ social media accounts and website. 

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Health Studies. I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in dietetics in my teenage years but without a high school background in science, my journey became longer than anticipated. Throughout my time at BU, my interest in eating disorders and weight inclusive care has grown tremendously. Through working with Jessica, I have been invited to a variety of webinars that have grown my understanding of the complexity of eating disorder treatment but has also elevated my desire to work in this field. 

I have enjoyed working on every aspect of with Jessica but I have especially been on board with Jessica’s efforts to bring to light ED professionals in historically underrepresented groups. This is not only an effort to show the wide variety of people in our profession but I think it’s important for those going through recovery who may be part of these groups to find comfort in knowing there are professionals who look like them and understand some of the underlying experiences that others may not understand. I hope can continue to highlight eating disorder experts in these groups and continue to support and grow the wide diversity in our profession. If you belong to a historically underrepresented group and have not already heard about the HUGS-ED support group, find more information at