Stefanie Ginsburg

Stefanie Ginsburg, RD, CEDRD is the Owner of UNRESTRICTED NUTRITION Counseling and Consulting LLC and bases her practice on the principles of Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size and Body Kindness.


What is your current position? 

Owner/Dietitian at UNRESTRICTED NUTRITION Counseling and Consulting, LLC since May 2020. She confidently treats the gamut of eating disorders and specializes in the treatment of ARFID, both for individual clients and also conducts trainings for clinicians so that they can feel more competent treating the newest eating disorder on the block.

How did you get started in your career? 

One of my dietetic internship rotations was at Princeton’s Eating Disorder Program and my preceptor was moving onto a different job when I was beginning my job search and I was able to take her position, despite it being a specialty area of practice.  I spent three years working at Princeton’s ED Program and then went into the Peace Corps and returned to the field of eating disorders upon returning to the US, getting a job at Eating Recovery Center’s Child & Adolescent Program, where I worked for eight years before beginning my private practice.

What advice would you give to someone new to the field? 

Find your specialty and run with it!  Don’t be afraid to take a bunch of jobs to find your niche and then use your innate skill set to hone your place within a dietetics specialty area. You will become competent and confident in everything that you do – just be patient with yourself as the steep learning curve takes place.


For more information on Stefanie and her practice:

Phone: (720)-541-8684

Email: [email protected]

Stefanie also has a PDF document available for purchase called ARFID: Further Assessing Your ‘Selective Eating’ Patients/Clients. This document will help hone in on background information that can better prepare you to treatment plan for a restrictive, aversive or avoidant ARFID case. The document can be downloaded here