The Body Positivity Card Deck

By Judith Matz, LCSW, ACSW and Amy Pershing, LMSW, ACSW, CCTP-II

Reviewed for IFEED by Janice Baker, MBA, RDN, CDE, CNSC, BC-ADM

As a creative and unique tool for both patients and clinicians, this card deck provides supportive and practical healing strategies for those struggling with body image and helps to counter the ever-present messages of diet and beauty culture.

Many of my patients struggle with the thought of reading books, regardless of literacy. Even the most supportive and helpful books can be frightening to even open, as many fear change and a disruption to normalized thought patterns ingrained for so many years.  This card deck offers a good option – “sound bites” of reassurance and support that can open the door to further curiosity about restoring a healthful relationship to food, eating and self-acceptance/care. Reading only 1 of the cards per day may be just enough to help one start a journey towards better self-care and chip away at ingrained guilt and shame. Each card has suggested “action items” to apply the messages into realistic small steps that can give the reader a sense of accomplishment aside from the reading.

I recommend this card deck for both treatment providers and patients.  As an RDN, this tool will help me counter the damaging and condescending messages my patients have continuously received as part of our culture. I’m keeping this card deck handy by my computer for use during my classes and telehealth sessions.