Ruth Roddy

Ruth Roddy LPC

Founder: Ruth Roddy Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor

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How did you get your start in your career?

Growing up the only job I could really picture myself doing was being a therapist. I knew very little about it but I just got a feeling every time I was exposed to it through people in the community or in the media, that therapy would be something I would enjoy.

I went TCU for my degree in psychology and child development. I had a dermatologist who was always telling me that he knew a lot of “cab drivers with psychology degrees.” Rude as that was, I have to say it scared me enough to stay on track to get my masters degree in counseling at Oklahoma State. I ended up having to move suddenly back to Dallas and I ended up at Children’s Health Center for Pediatric Eating Disorder.

I started out as a milieu therapist, which was my first look into the world of eating disorders. I spent the whole day 7am to 7pm with very sick kids having meals with them, monitoring them in the bathroom, keeping them safe, and having lots of conversations about big and small things-building real relationships. I fell in love with the work and was soon moved into an LPC intern position where I was able to lead groups and have individual cases. It was here that I developed my passion for educating and empowering parents of individuals with eating disorders. I was completely transformed by watching how parents could be a change agent for their children who were to sick to help themselves at the point they were at.

I went on to work at Center For Discovery in Dallas 2 1/2 years and ended my time there as Assistant Program Director. While there, I cultivated a passion for leadership, mentoring newer clinicians and helping develop programs for individualized needs.

Today I have my own practice called Ruth Roddy Counseling. We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. I predominantly see teens and adults with eating disorders and other mental health issues including self injurious behavior, suicidality, depression, anxiety and dysfunctional parent/child relationships. I also regularly host parent education webinars and offer parent coaching and support sessions.

What advice do you have to someone new in the field? 

Value your relationships with everyone in your professional life from clients, to parents to fellow clinicians. Treat absolutely everyone whether they are above you or below with thoughtful respect. Authentically seek to support others even if it does not seem to monetarily benefit you in the moment. The more you can look out for other people in this field, the more bridges you will build and the more successful you will be.